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Nintendo Lil Mac Punch-out tech gaming. Recently I went to a con where a guy and I played mike Tyson punch out. We took turns and it was the first time we played it. No powers, no tools, nothing. Go on baby! The world is ready for ya! Punch out little mac lil mac super smash bros ssb wii u 3ds nintendo. Something I want to see out of the punchout fandom. The ball of ki flared up in Ryu's hands, slowly drawing in Little Mac like a vacuum as Mac continued to be dazed. The blast was launched point-blank as Little Mac was sucked in right in front of it.

The attack struck Little Mac several times and blew up afterwards, leaving a huge amount of smoke in its wake. Ryu straightened his headband and kept himself in fighting position, because there was clearly a larger and more hulking figure within now. As Ryu took a few steps back, a giant figure's foot stepped out of the smoke. The smoke then cleared off, and Giga Mac roared into the ring, much to the cheering crowd's approval as he stared at Ryu.

Ryu began bouncing on his feet. Giga Mac charged at Ryu, but Ryu quickly slide-kicked away between his legs. He then followed by punching Giga Mac in the back with extreme force, but the boxer simply swatted him onto the ropes with one hand. Ryu bounced back, but Mac punched him again, while roaring, and soon, it turned into a tennis match with Giga Mac continually bouncing Ryu back and forth with the rope.

Finally, it ended when Giga Mac pulled back his fist full-force and punched Ryu right through the chest, causing him to groan loudly as he coughed up blood. He slid down Mac's arm, his head falling onto it, as Giga Mac roared victoriously. But then something red flashed on Mac's arm as he gasped.

Ryu's eyes turned red and his gi black. Evil Ryu's hair flew back despite the lack of wind as he kicked Giga Mac in the shins so hard it forced him to let him go. Evil Ryu roared and violently smacked his fists together as Giga Mac took a couple steps back. Giga Mac recovered, but the black and red ball of energy in Ryu's hand surged with purple lightning. The blast burst onto Giga Mac and blew up a good chunk of the stage. Giga Mac tanked them and swatted him away, but Evil Ryu laughed derisively and launched another Metsu Hadoken, this time being blocked by Mac's punch.

Evil Ryu, had, however, succeeded in what he was aiming to do. He'd stunned Giga Mac. He took a few tenacious steps forward, and, once he was within range of the hulking beast, grabbed him by the back of his head and began slamming his knee into Giga Mac's chest over and over, causing him to cough up blood with every knee-slam.

Finally, he let go of Giga Mac and prepared a Shoryuken surrounded in dark ki, his fist surging with dark lightning. He pulled back his fist to punch, and Evil Ryu was stopped by a conscious voice within his mind.

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He took a few steps back as he grabbed his head, which ached violently as white energy throbbed out of it. The red lightning surging around him slowly dissipated as he fell over, huffing, and reverted to regular Ryu. His eyes then turned white and blank, as his face grew a look of pure concentration. The crowd started gasping as Ryu got back up and waited And Giga Mac recovered.

They stared each other down, and then, charged. Their fists met once again, but Mac quickly stepped back and smacked Ryu on either side of the head with a clap of his fists. Ryu, unfazed, punched Mac in the chest, causing him to stumble, and did a sweep kick to knock him off-balance. Giga Mac fell over as Ryu struck him with a sliding kick, sending him flying. Mac landed on his feet and did an overhead punch to try and subdue Ryu, but much to his dismay, Ryu jumped so high, he bounced off Giga Mac's fist, and struck him in the head with the world's most painful axe kick.

Mac backed off, his head throbbing, as Ryu got back down and focused his energy. Giga Mac ran ahead and tried two diagonal punches at Ryu, but both were dodged evenly by Ryu's sidestepping. Ryu then delivered a powerful thrust to Mac's lower jaw, and then kicked him in the chest.

Mac took a step back, but quickly recovered and punched Ryu while his guard was down, knocking him high up into the stage lights. Ryu, now standing on the stage lights, punched them once and brought them crashing down as he did a backwards jump and got off, landing on the ropes as he bounced. The lights crashed onto Giga Mac's head, which caused him to stand there, temporarily dazed, with the lights now covering the stage as Ryu bounced.

Mac recovered sure enough, and raised the lights over his head, ripping them in half. He then tossed them both at Ryu as he'd landed on a side of the ring, but Ryu uppercutted one away and kicked the other one, totally shattering it to the crowd's "ooh"s and "ah"s. Mac slammed his fists together and ran ahead, trying to punch Ryu, but missed as Ryu tripped him with a ducking kick. Mac fell over, and Ryu prepared to jump, but to his slight surprise, as he did so and was landing, Mac recovered and punched him into the ceiling with one uppercut.

Ryu's head got stuck on the ceiling, cracking it. Mac roared and began beating his chest Tarzan style, but Ryu pushed out his head from the ceiling, delivering a diving kick to Mac's head as he did so.

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Finally, he landed and found the precise opportunity to end the fight. Ryu dashed forward, punching Mac in the stomach. He then struck him in the chest with his other fist and jumped into an uppercut. Ryu did a spinning uppercut at this, slamming his fist into Mac's jaw with awesome power and crushing the jawbone as he did so.

An X-Ray showed Mac's jaw cracking as he was reverted to normal and flew up into the air, and slammed down on the ground outside of the ring. Ryu's eyes returned to normal. Ryu said this while looking approvingly at his injured opponent. Little Mac got up and looked at the crater in Ryu's chest, which actually was pretty small compared to what he remembered, in fact, it wasn't even bleeding at all. It was just a slightly red bruise. Mac smiled, satisfied by the awesome match and glad nobody was dead or badly hurt.

He walked back up to the ring. Little Mac and Doc Louis hold up Ryu's arms by either side, declaring him the victor as the crowd cheers to him. Blade:- Looks like no. Either way, this fight was pretty clear-cut looking at the facts. Mac may have had the advantage in his boxing skills, but Ryu had him outclassed overall. Lion:- Mac could keep Ryu on his toes close-range and, since he'd keep him nearby, try to plow him down.

No biggie though. Ryu has faced boxers prior to this. He's fought against both Balrog and Dudley, who are both some pretty tough champs. Additionally, for every blow Mac landed, Ryu could land ten thanks to his speed advantage. Blade:- Ryu is fast enough to dodge these Sonic Booms from Guile. That is the best Simon Belmont. You mean the Gaston-alike wearing an aviator outfit who was completely incompetent? I just want Bayonetta to be in the game. Nintendo needs more cross-promotional characters to promote games on their platform and considering Nintendo is publishing Bayonetta 2 it only makes sense.

I imagine westerners reactions would be similar if someone like Takamaru were revealed. Like someone mentioned a few comments up, Western players had similar reactions when Lucas was announced for Brawl. Remember when Marth and Roy were added to Melee? I know people who still think they were Smash Bros originals. I would also like to see his game actually get released in America. Guess time will tell. I love how japanese people think that only characters popular in japan should be in ssb4. I support sakurai in his choices because i know he is well aware of the fan pressure and will deliver a great game regardless.

There were fans whining about the inclusion of characters like Marth, Roy and Lucas in the series rather other characters. This sort of thing is more common than you might think. Hopefully some of these fans become more open when the game is released. Melee apparently did wonders towards making Fire Emblem known in the West. This is a great charecter, Little mac is a great fighter from punch out, its a great warrior, powerful and speed, i dont know why the japanese dont like this, i love little mac, i have so fun with punch out when i was a kid.

Somehow the announcement of Little Mac evaded me. Gotta admit it sounds like a weird one to me, but whatever. And he acted like the idiot sitcom dad when there was a woman present. No idea where that came from, seeing as he kidney punched Samus full force in the trailer. I wonder how they felt when Sonic was announced as playable.

Sure, he has a lot of fans, but a lot of hate too. Was he really a popular character anywhere? I find that baffling to be honest. Yes…yes he was.

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Punch-Out was very popular in the NES days. Mike Tyson is constantly put on lists of hardest bosses of all time. So it seems to be a game well known only in America. Oh, that explains it then!

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A third party cameo of Monster Hunter characters could be cool as well. I know, right? Either her or Chrom, probably, right? Well apparently Japanese fans have a lot more rational ideas for Smash Bros. Paper Mario would be boss. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Log In. Press start to translate! Thanks for your help! Follow ClydeMandelin. Support the Site! This be book bad translation, video games! Learn all about the history of bad game translation! Shine get! Other Articles I've Written.

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Sonic the Hedgehog is a large one. I wonder how Japan felt about that? Benjy March 4, at am.

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The controls are actually pretty much the same as on the NES to be honest…. MH March 2, at pm. Bohepans March 1, at pm. Darien March 2, at am. Best idea! This site needs like buttons so I can like this idea. I liked Soda Popinski better when he was called Vodka Drunkenski. Bohepans March 5, at pm. What were they expecting, some chick with big boobs? Oh wait, yes.

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