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Using MacPorts, I'm trying to install Qt i. The else predicate on line checks for Darwin 11 or the There is no predicate in the if-else list for Mountain Lion's WebKit. As a dirty quick fix , I changed line to be an unconditional else. When I try to test this by re-running the port install command, I see the same original error. I'm pretty sure MacPorts is not even looking at my change because I reran the command after entering garbage text into the file and renaming the file. So, I'm now looking for a way to force the rebuild. I would advise to create a local portfile for qt4-mac-devel and add your changes as a patch that is applied during the build process.

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Possible duplicate of Stack Overflow question stackoverflow. Edit your local qt4-mac-devel Portfile to include the line patchfiles yourpatch. It took me a few hours and ugly source code crawling to isolate and fix the errors, which cause the build errors ot qt I updated the PortSystem to 2. After all the patches mentioned above, I was able to successfully compile qt4-mac. I will append all the neccessary patches and the new version of the portfile after posting this. And I'd highly appreciate, if anyone could also test these, too. However, I should admit that webkit does not compile with these fixes.

You should, for a first test, add -no-webkit, as it is done in the second Portfile. Thanks, Benjamin! I'll create an external I've got a few Keep the updates coming! Next update last one for today, and hopefully nearly finished : Today I tested the former proposed steps a bit further and have to tell you some things:. I hope to get that done by tomorrow, but I'd highly appreciate and be thankful for any kind of support or further testing.

WebKit static lib for OS X To do so, there are two patches needed. One for the Timer. After adding these patches to the new Protfile, Qt4 compiles without any error or warnings pushed to the macports-terminal-screen. After this posting I will update all necessary patchfiles at this issue. The final Portfile-diff will also be added. Enjoy this and feel free to try Qt4.

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Maybe, after some more testing, we can push thes bunch of patches towards the port. My I don't think I would have had the time to do this myself, so: Thank you very much, Benjamin!

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I just finished building and installing qt4-mac and that ran through successfully with all 10 patchfiles and the Portfile change as directed. Though I had to edit the Portfile initially before anything would happen thanks to the original pre-fetch condition, so I commented that out to get started. Yes, I'm working on this right now : I'm going to use their patch, since it will be an official change in some future Qt4 release.

But, thank you, Benjamin, for the hard work you put in to create your patch.

I just checked in r with this ticket's changes. But thanks for all the effort, mavericks is out for only a little while and most things work! Great effort! Replying to barrettsa … :. The libWebKitSysteminterfaceMavericks. Sorry y'all. The library is checked in, but for some reason it isn't being downloaded. Can someone do "sudo port -d sync" and post the output of it? I use the SVN trunk for my work, so if you're not using that then maybe the sync method is showing a warning or something.

Replying to michaelld … :. OK; thanks. The file libWebKitSysteminterfaceMavericks. I'll query the list as to what the best way is to get binary files like this one inserted into a build. I know nothing more. Sounds like this is what I need to do. Done in r I included both download locations; this works for me. Even assuming it's under one of the licenses used by most of WebKit which you really shouldn't , BSD and LGPL licenses require you to reproduce the relevant copyright notices and license terms.

If you do not do this in the port, we are distributing the qt4-mac binary in violation of the license. As others were reporting positively I was hoping this would be the case for me as well. However, the above two were not enough. New errors this time:. If you're not sure, you can easily recreate it:. If qt4-mac builds, then try. Thanks for the positive feedback; you're welcome, and BIG thanks for Benjamin for his help! I think we're mostly there, but if you have issues with qt4-mac and It did complete this time, so I am pretty sure that when I will attempt to upgrade all the outdated the problem may arise elsewhere.

Just a little final comment from my side: I'm very happy about all the success messages. It was absolute worth the work to make qt4-mac compiling under Since we are very high ranked on Goolge w. The need for adaption might be smaller than this time, as the development versions of e. Replying to benjamin.

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Hopefully this will save someone else some time. Even after all the fixes documented here from the latest version of the port, I was getting this error:. Don't forget to run "xcode-select --install" as well. Thanks for all the work done on this! Is that a problem? Why prefer those in one location over the other? The default location appears to be the package contents, but those in the external location have a slightly newer date. I wonder if maybe the former should be removed?

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The things, here, are a little confusing for me Leaving aside the fact that yesterday I have update Xcode to 5. So, what is the right folder?

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  7. Is my Xcode installation what is to be expected? If not, how to "sanitize" it? I deleted everything and reinstalled Xcode 5. The command line tools are now installed internally as part of the package contents of Xcode. For a simple setup with only the latest version of Xcode, 5. Replying to jamesfmarshall … :. Thanks for the info, jamesfmarshall. I just updated to 5. So, my advice to others is to run "xcode-select --print-path" and see what it shows.

    You might have to reinstall Xcode after doing this, but I'll guess that Xcode's select, like MacPorts, just "does the right thing" most of the time so it'll be OK. But, once you've set the correct Xcode path to use, I think all well be well. Opened 6 years ago Closed 6 years ago Last modified 6 years ago.