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Requirements and additional information:. This download requires Mac OS X The trial version has certain limitations. Antony Peel.

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Software languages. Author Socusoft. After you have found the playlist, you then need to click the "Download" button and select Playlist from the drop down menu. When the downloads are concluded, you can access the playlist under the "Downloaded" tab. Click on the video thumbnail to play the video in the built in player. In the playback control area, you can set the playback mode and select playlist mode.

However, there is need for use to get it right before continuing with the discussion. First things first, what is HTML5? HTML5 video is supposed to be the latest standard way to view video on the web exclusive of plugins. This means that they will have to define a new element that has a standard way of embedding a video or movie on a web page.

This is evident with the number of browsers that have adopted the technology. HTML5 video tag supports several attributes that are also supported in a number of browsers and devices.

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What you need to have is a supported web browser, which include:. Once you have opted to use this trial rather than the normal Adobe Flash Player however you will only be able to play only supported videos.

Currently there is no support for videos that have ads. Have a look! When it comes to downloading and playing HTML5 iTube Studio for Mac is exactly what you need since it has all the functions that you may think of.

HTML5 Video Player Download

In addition, it comes with plenty of advantages because this program supports virtually all apple dives including iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c among others. Into the bargain, iTube Studio is the best program that will come to your rescue when it comes to playing HTML5 videos anywhere and anytime.

In addition, you can directly save your favorite videos directly to your preferred format. It supports three browsers including the famous safari, which is commonly and widely used by Mac users. The embedded video player is a guarantee that its program will not let you down since it will enable you play your video smoothly owing to the fact that it is a video player for Mac Mavericks.

Handbrake is one of the tools that can work for you when it comes to playing HTML videos in your desktop. However, it comes in two forms, which are the graphical and command-line. After the installation, run the HandBrake application than select your video source.


Click the "Source" dropdown button after which select the "Video File" of your choice. The best thing about this application is that it virtually takes any video output with a lot of ease as long as it is produced by consumer-level camcorders. In most cases after selecting your video source you will get a warning pop up that you have not set a default directory to save your encoded videos. However, you can decide to safely ignore this message and opt for opening the options window and set a default output directory. In the audio tab, here is nothing that you need to change since it will work properly without any changers.

Finally click the Start button to start encoding the video while you watch it even if it is downloading. It is another simple software that can accomplish the task. It takes a few mouse clicks to embed into your website so that is can play your videos after it has encode your video to HTML5 video compatible format.

It supports both modern and older versions of browsers. In addition, it also supports Mac, iPad, iPhone and other Apple device despite being initially made for Windows platform.


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Another great advantage of this software is that is light therefore, it does not consume alto of space of your memory. At one time or another, you must have encountered a problem with YouTube and you have been wondering what might be the problem.

Enable Full HTML 5 in Firefox / Linux

This means that you get the error when it tries to play embedded YouTube videos in particular. Sometimes it can be errors caused by the plug-in compatibility issues or something to do with ad blocking and privacy protecting extensions. On the other hand, if you are using fire fox it is important to check on the Firefox Safe Mode since it disables most add-ons.

Flash player has been one of the main components in order that your browser. I love it how my Mac runs so nicely in Safari without flash and how my YouTube videos play and can get downloaded so easily. Show Episodes: Founder of Nozbe. Editor of Productive! Magazine - a global PDF publication on productivity.. Posted on Tuesday, August 23, internet. Like this post? Subscribe to my newsletter, and every 2 weeks you'll receive updates from me.